Mysterious Golden Cat Tail Butt Plug 20 Inches Long


Let’s face it, not all sexual encounters are great, some fall short of our expectations while others don’t even deserve mentioning. So when you’re given the chance to make at least a few of them memorable or even close to being fantastic, you grab it. Which is what you should be doing with our Mysterious Golden Cat Tail Butt Plug 20 Inches Long.

Made of surgical stainless steel, its butt plug end is smooth, slick and a sight to behold with its gleaming yellow gold patina. The tapered tip measures approximately 1.14 inches wide while the insertable length is a little more than 3 inches long. To many, this size is considered ideal for beginners especially those who have never tried metal butt plugs before.

As all butt plugs made of high-quality metal go, this one is a little bit more noticeable in weight than its silicone counterparts, something that you’ll certainly appreciate if you’re looking for deep anal stimulation.

The tail is made of soft faux fur and is colored black and white just like a cat’s. Imagine the look of utter surprise on your partner’s face when you prance around with our Mysterious Golden Cat Tail Butt Plug 20 Inches Long lodged firmly inside his second favorite hole? It’s sure to give your night of pleasure fun and naughty twist! So go ahead, let your feline spirit run free with this fine quality butt plug -- lovingly handcrafted to provide you with only the best and most unforgettable sensations ever!

Whether you’re straight, gay, bisexual or something in between, this gorgeous Mysterious Golden Cat Tail Butt Plug deserves a spot or two in your treasure trove of anal sex toys. Know someone who might enjoy using our butt plugs? Why not get one for them too! They’ll thank you for it and who knows, they might just return the favor!

Color Yellow Gold Plug with Black and White Tail
Type Tail Plug

Handle: Faux Fur 

Plug: Stainless Steel



handle: 20 inches

plug: 3 inches


handle: 5.9 inches

plug: 1.14 inches