Gunmetal Bunny Tail Butt Plug 3pcs Set

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Imagine the surprise on your partner’s face when he bends you over, and he sees one of the butt plugs from this Gunmetal Bunny Tail Butt Plug 3pcs Set poking delightfully from your butt?

Weighted for comfort and intense anal pleasure, this charming Gunmetal Bunny Tail Plug Set has everything you need for real intense orgasmic sensation. It’s made from surgical grade and non-tarnishing metal, to ensure smooth and seamless insertion with the help of lots of lube, of course. Unlike Silicone, Metal does not react with non-water-based lubricants, so feel free to use your favorite as liberally as you wish.

The Gunmetal Bunny Tail Plug Set is perfect for beginners as it offers three different sizes that you can play with. The smallest has a diameter of about 1.10 inches with an insertable length of 2.44 inches. The second is a bit bigger at 1.33 inches in diameter and 2.7 inches insertable length. The third and largest is quite hefty at 1.5 inches in diameter and 3.11 inches in insertable length.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve intimately known the pleasures that anal stimulation brings, this Gunmetal Bunny Tail Plug Set is worth a try. Featuring a tapered tip and sturdy flared base, each of the butt plugs from this set will give you the anal stretch that you crave, safely and comfortably.

To use, wash the metal part of the plug with soap and water. Apply lots of lube on the insertable part as well as your butt then gently slide it in. Enjoy experimenting with hot and cold sensations? Try soaking the plug in warm or cold water a few minutes before insertion. You may also use the butt plug while your partner thrusts into your vagina. The feeling of fullness in both holes will drive you to an intense climax like never before.


Handle:Black, Blue, Coffee, Hot Pink, Light Purple, Pink, Purple, Watermelon Red, White or Red

Plug: Silver

Type Tail Plug

Handle: Faux Fur

Plug: Metal



handle: N/A

plug: Small- 2.44 inches Medium- 2.7 inches Large- 3.11 inches


handle: N/A

plug: Small- 1.10 inches Medium- 1.33 inches Large 1.6 inches