MLP My Little Pony Butt Plug | Rainbow-Colored Tail Butt Plug 16 Inches Long

Tease your lover with our Rainbow-Colored Tail Butt Plug 16 Inches Long! Let your spouse know exactly what you want when he finds you on your knees and hands with a tail plug in your voluptuous tushie.

This rainbow-colored foxtail is fun and flirty. Hence, it spices things up in your bedroom! As your butt sways back and forth while crawling towards your lover, the tail brushes against your legs for added sexual sensation.

It also stimulates your partner's sexual desire… because who can resist a sexy back with a tail plug swaying in front of you? Exactly! With this sex toy, your lover will be ready for some action-packed sex upon seeing your alluring animalistic look.

The plug also features a smooth teardrop-shaped head, a slim stem, and a flat round base where the colorful tail is attached. The tapered tip of the plug promotes easy penetration.

Meanwhile, the round base secures the sex toy in place so that it doesn't get inserted fully into your anus as the action heats up!
Our Foxy Rainbow-colored Tail Butt Plug 16 inches long is made of either of the two - metal and silicone. Both of these materials are known for their durability. Your choice lies in your skills and the sensation you want to feel inside you.

Our silicone-based foxtail plug is ideal for novice users. This sex toy is flexible as it can adapt to your body's contour. The metal-based plug - on the other hand - is perfect for those who enjoy temperature play. Just dip it in hot or cold water and shove it up your ass.

Our Rainbow-Colored Tail Butt Plug 16 Inches Long is sure to bring fun and excitement to your sex life! Your pet play games have never been this visually enticing.
Color Silver, Black
Type Tail Plug
Material Handle: Synthetic Fur
Plug: Silicone, Metal


handle: 15.75-16.54 in.
plug: 2.76 in.


handle: N/A
plug: 1.18 in.