Flush Design Jeweled Butt Plug 2.95 to 3.74 Inches Long


Starting in anal stimulation may be a little tricky for some. Although the ass has lots of nerve endings that can be stimulated, it still takes a little patience and lots of lube to achieve and reap the rewards of good anal sex.

Our Flush Design Jeweled Butt Plug 2.95 to 3.74 Inches Long is one of the best guides when you want to explore the different possibilities of anal fucking. This plug is made from stainless steel that is a very versatile material that will aid in opening up the ass to accommodate your lover's dick for great anal fun. Steel has a certain heaviness to it that is able to reach the deepest parts of the anal canal.

This variant also allows you to choose the size of the plug where you want to take your butt plugging activities. Of course, it is good to always start with a small plug if you are still starting then work your way up to larger plugs once you've become more experienced.

Butt plugs also feature a flared base that prevents the toy from going up the anal canal where it might be dangerous to retrieve. For this variant, the end of the base is decorated with a crystal gemstone for you to enjoy a nicer view during your hot sessions. You can choose between two different colors, a very striking blue or a hot red.

The use of these plugs is not only for those who have partners! The beauty of these plugs is that you can also use it on your own! Try plugging it inside the ass while you touch yourself for pleasure. It will be an erotic solo play you will never forget!

Give anal stimulation a surprise for yourself and your lover. Buy this plug now!


Handle:  Blue, Red

Plug:  Stainless Steel

Type Jeweled Plugs

Handle:  Crystal Gemstone

Plug:  Stainless Steel



Handle:   N/A

Plug:  Large - 3.74 inches, Medium - 3.34 inches, Small - 2.95 inches


Handle:  N/A 

Plug:  Large - 1.5 inches, Medium - 1.37 inches, Small - 1.1 inches