Flesh-Colored Silicone Inflatable Butt Plug


Want to explore your backdoor in a more exciting way? Meet the Flesh-Colored Silicone Inflatable Butt Plug. This toy will give you a more stimulating anal adventure and a more “full” feeling you’ve never felt before.

This silicone butt plug is equipped with all the necessary parts for inflation and deflation. It has a pump, which you need to squeeze repeatedly until you get the desired fullness inside. The valve is used to deflate the plug so you can easily pull it out when you’re done with your session. The butt plug itself is solid and firm when not inflated, making sure that you can easily work it when inserting it inside your bum.

It's perfect for beginners because it’s easy to insert and retrieve when deflated. Since it’s made of high-quality rubber, it flexes and bends to your liking. It’s interesting that a butt plug such as this one is small upon insertion and can expand inside if you so desire. This only means less strain on the sphincter, and you can have a wider girth without the painful entry or exit.

At this point, let us tell you why anal probing is enjoyable and orgasmic. The anal canal is a treasure trove of nerve endings, and when these nerves are rubbed, sexual pleasure is intensified.

This butt plug that balloons inside adds pressure, stimulating every minute part and detail as it expands. This inflatable butt plug also offers greater sensation and comfort during sex. When this plug is expanded, the vaginal canal becomes tighter, as it is near the anal canal, amplifying the sensations for every thrust made.

Furthermore, it sits more comfortably inside as it is air-filled. It’s softer than any other solid butt plugs that poke or pinch the walls whenever a cock is pushed in.

Ready to pump it up and make it grow big? Indulge yourself and buy this Flesh-Colored Silicone Inflatable Butt Plug now!

Color Flesh-colored
Type Inflatable Butt Plug

Connection Tube: Silicone

Plug: Silicone

Pump: Silicone



connection tube: 13.78 inches

plug: 4.72 inches

pump: 3.15 inches

valve: 1.18 inches


connection tube: N/A

plug: 1.96 inches

pump: 1.57 inches

valve: N/A