Ethereal Fox Tail Butt Plug 18 Inches Long


Channel the inner foxy lady in you by surprising your lover with our gorgeous Ethereal Fox Tail Butt Plug 18 Inches Long – a fun and naughty butt plug that's sure to make his eyes pop out in utter delight.

Made from medical grade Stainless Steel, this butt plug is lovingly crafted to provide you with a pain-free and comfortable fit that will take your anal sex games to a higher level.

The insertable head is sized just right for the tightest of anal holes, measuring approximately 1.10 inches in diameter and 2.83 inches in length. It comes with the usual slim neck and flared base to ensure this tail plug stays in place.

The tail is about 15 inches in length and is soft and pleasant to touch. You can choose between the following color combinations: black/red, black/white and black/pink.

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It's fun, sexy, and easy to use. And it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. What more could you possibly ask for?

Color Black/red, black/white or black/pink colored tail
Type Butt Plug
Material Plug: Stainless Steel
Handle: Faux Fur


handle: 15 inches
plug: 2.83 inches


handle: N/A
plug: 1.10 inches