Cute and Tiny Glass Butt Plug 3.35 Inches Long

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Anal stimulation has been enjoyed by many people for so many years. Of course, there are still some people out there who are still too scared or do not know where to start with this type of sexual practice. When you feel like you are ready to take your fucking scene to the next level of intense stimulation, then we have just the thing to help you.

Our Cute and Tiny Glass Butt Plug 3.35 Inches Long is the best sex tool for those who are just starting in anal stimulation. It has a perfect size for beginners, with a length of 3.35 inches and a width of 1.06 inches. It is made of glass, a material known for its smoothness. Hence, it provides a nice, comfortable slide inside the anal canal.  It is also a bit heavy, giving your butt hole a solid message as you try to plug it inside your anal canal.

You also have to remember some steps to follow to make your plugging experience comfortable and safe. First, you have to wash your hands and the toy itself with warm water and soap. Be sure to lube the plug generously for an easier slide. 

After that, you have to take a comfortable position, then you can push the plug inside the ass using your fingers. You will feel a little discomfort as the plug is making its way into the ass but do not worry as this will only be temporary. Take a deep breath and slowly insert the plug until it reaches your sphincter.   You will feel the muscles of your behind slowly expanding while, at the same time, massaging and hitting your erotic zones.

Start living your sexual dreams. Start with our Cute and Tiny Glass Butt Plug 3.35 Inches Long now!


Handle: Transparent

Plug: Transparent

Type Glass Butt Plug

Handle: Glass

Plug: Glass



Handle:   N/A

Plug:  3.35 inches


Handle:   N/A

Plug:  1.06 inches