Conical 10-Speed Vibrating Butt Plug 3.39 Inches Long

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Are your hands getting tired of doing the work to get your sexual desires fulfilled? Take a closer look at this Conical 10-Speed Vibrating Butt Plug 3.39 Inches Long as this is the answer to your needs.

If you are in need of satisfaction, but you don’t have a partner to get it done with, you can resort to masturbation for self-gratification. But sometimes, doing so can cause pain to your hands’ joints and muscles; thus, taking away the fun out of masturbation.

You’d be glad to know that you can now achieve sexual satisfaction without stressing your hands too much. With this Conical 10-speed Vibrating Butt Plug, you can let your imagination take you away and reach orgasmic explosions even if you are alone.

Butt plugs are meant to give sex thrill-seekers a full feeling while having sex. Add a little extra, and it can give you great stimulation by merely wearing it. This sex toy is made of silicone and non-toxic ABS, making it safe to use. It also comes with ten vibrating frequencies, which give you different sensations inside your butt.

Our 10-Speed Vibrating Butt Plug can serve as a prostate massager for male users in addition to its original use. With a length of 3.39 inches and a diameter of 1.24 inches, this will surely be an excellent fit for you. You can also choose from different colors, such as magenta and black. Select a plug that best suits your sexual fantasies.

There are a few things to remember when taking care of this toy. It is highly recommended to clean your butt plug after each use. You can clean it using warm water and soap, or you can also use a special detergent or disinfectant. Make sure that it is dry before storing or keeping it.

Color Magenta, Black
Type Prostate Massager/Vibrating Butt Plug
Material Silicone, Non-toxic ABS


handle: N/A

plug: 3.39 inches


handle: N/A

plug: 1.24 inches