Colorful Fake Fur Dog Tail Butt Plug 17 Inches Long


Owning a pet can be fulfilling... Literally! With our Colorful Fake Fur Dog Tail Butt Plug 17 Inches Long, you will have a one-of-a-kind pooch that you can take care of, and of course, fuck.

Our vibrant tail plug can unleash your lover's animalistic side. The toy features an eccentric dog tail made of wool to mimic a pup's fluffy and soft fur. This texture will reawaken your pet's sensuality as it brushes against her butt cheeks and legs.

It will also stimulate your sexual desire as you see your pup's tail swaying as she crawls towards you. Surely, you wouldn't resist boning your dog upon seeing her look!

This plug also has a black ribbon. This lace adds cuteness to the lewd toy, making your pet even hotter than ever! This feature -- alone -- will make you want to pet your pooch.

But that's not the only thing you will love about this sex toy. This amazing device also features an ergonomic design. The plug has a narrow end on its head with a slim stem and an oval-shaped base. The tapered tip of this anal toy allows for easy penetration. Once stuffed into your pet's butt, she can now concentrate on the sexual pleasure you give to her.

Meanwhile, the round flared base makes the retrieval and insertion process easy. It also ensures that the plug stays in place while shoved up your pet's sexy back. This prevents any anal sex accidents while doing some pet play scenarios.

This plug is ideal for pups who can't take too much in their butts - thanks to the silicone material. This silicone-based plug follows your pet's body contours for extra sexual pleasure.

For these reasons, our Colorful Fake Fur Dog Tail Butt Plug 17 Inches Long is the perfect way to own a pet that you can fuck! Your sex play scenarios will never be this fun and pleasing!


Plug:  Black

Handle:  Rainbow

Type Tail Plug

Handle:  Wool

Plug:  Silicone



Handle:  14.57 in.

Plug:  2.56 in.


Handle:  N/A

Plug: 1.06 in.