Colored Silicone Fox Tail Butt Plug 18 Inches Long

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A butt plug has been around for a long time and is enjoyed by many couples around the world.  You would be surprised at the variety of uses you could enjoy when you have a trusted plug inside your toy closet.  Take our Colored Silicone Fox Tail Butt Plug 18 Inches Long for instance.  It has a very lush physical appearance with its elegant handle made from premium synthetic fur.  It will be a nice touch if you are into animal role-playing.  The plug itself is made of premium silicone which is known to be a flexible material so it can adjust to the tightness of your ass.

Butt plugs are used mainly to prepare the ass for nice anal sex.  As the anal canal can be a very tricky area to penetrate, the use of this will make your anal sex a lot more fun and stimulating.

To start your anal play, you must remember to never rush into inserting these plugs.  It takes a good amount of lube to make anal stimulation safe and fun.  After which, you have to assume a comfortable position to plug the toy inside.  Relax your mind and body as you feel the surprising sensation of the plug slowly pushing into your bum.  The anal sphincter has numerous nerve endings that can be stimulated through the use of a good butt plug.

These plugs can be used in oral foreplay as you enjoy a good tongue action with a tail plug on!  Every sensation will be magnified as the double stimulation take you over the edge of sexual satisfaction.

Whether you have tried on some anal action before or is still starting to explore the other side of your sexuality, this amazing tail plug is a great investment!  Press that "Add to Cart" button now and start the backdoor fun!


Plug:  Black

Handle:  Red, Brown, White, Copper Brown

Type Tail Plug

Handle:  Synthetic Fur

Plug:  Silicone



Handle: 14.76 inches 

Plug: 3.94 inches


Handle: N/A 

Plug: 1.57 inches