Card Suits-Themed Metal Butt Plug 2.91 Inches Long


Are you an adventure seeker, or do you like to gamble or take chances? Whatever your preference is, here’s a treat for you. Introducing…our Card Suits-Themed Metal Butt Plug 2.91 Inches Long! This plug will give you that “Las Vegas” vibe to remind you of just how exhilarating it feels to take risks.

Some people get turned on whenever there’s something at stake, or when there’s risk involved. The thought of not knowing what’s going to happen next excites and thrills them more.

If you’re that type, then our Card Suits-themed Metal Butt Plug is perfect for you. This butt plug is inspired by the symbols you would typically see on deck of cards. With four jeweled-handle designs to choose from – diamond, spade, club, and heart – you can be extra naughty and dirty by adding a touch of gambling to your role play.

Choose the style you want and the color will be sent randomly; how’s that for an element of surprise! This anal plug’s material is made of Aluminum alloy and is safe and non-toxic. With a length of 2.91 inches and a diameter of 1.14 inches, this can go deep and wide enough to touch and tickle you on the right spot, while you and your partner are grinding it hard.

Prior to inserting this plug, make sure that your hole is well lubricated by applying an ample amount of lubricant. Just let your hormones rage and run wild, and this toy will securely hold in place no matter what.

Its smooth silver finish makes cleaning it just a piece of cake, use soap and water, and it should be ready for your next sex on the betting table.
Transform your room into a makeshift casino. Bring the house down and get erotic climax with our Card Suits-Themed Metal Butt Plug 2.91 Inches Long. Add this to your cart now!

Color Silver
Type Jeweled Butt Plug

Handle: Aluminum Alloy

Plug: Aluminum Alloy


Length handle: N/A

plug: 2.91 inches

Width handle: N/A

plug: 1.14 inches