Butterfly-Inspired Vibrating Ben Wa Balls 2pcs Set

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Who says butterflies are only felt figuratively in the stomach? You'd be in awe once you feel it in your love oven, thanks to the Butterfly-inspired Vibrating Ben Wa Balls 2pcs Set. These Ben Wa Balls will take your sex life to a whole new world of ecstasy.

This pussy-stimulator has a unique design compared to most sex toys. This one has a curved elastic leaf-like design that vibrates to massage the vulva along with three beads on one end.

This unique stimulator provides new sensations as the balls vibrate inside your vagina. Meanwhile, the leaf-like clamp serves as an additional source of pleasure. It gives you control over the device's movement and enables you to push and pull the toy with ease.

You might be wondering how this sex toy could help you reach the peak of orgasmic pleasure. When you use it for foreplay sessions, this device will reawaken your senses as the curvy handle hits all your G-spots.

If you decide to use this device as a tool for your Kegel Exercise routine, this toy can tighten your vaginal walls as if nobody has entered your hollow entrance before. Tight pussies are a sure turn-on for men. He will romance it and thrust his dick vigorously into it as he is driven by the feeling brought by making love with a narrow love tunnel. In short, the Butterfly-Inspired Vibrating Ben Wa Balls 2pcs Set will spice up your lives in your bedroom.

Cleaning this sex toy is as easy as peeling a banana. Just wash it using a mild, anti-bacterial bar of soap and rinse with lukewarm water after that. To disinfect it thoroughly, you can choose to soak it in a 75% diluted isopropyl alcohol for ten minutes.

Feel these exciting sensations and stop being a disappointment in bed. Hit that "Add to Cart" button to enjoy the Butterfly-Inspired Vibrating Ben Wa Balls 2pcs Set.

Color Flesh, Black, Purple
Type  Ben Wa Balls
Material SIlicone and ABS
Dimensions (in.)


 4.13 inches


1.97 inches