Beaded Stainless Dilator Urethral Sound
Beaded Stainless Dilator Urethral Sound
Beaded Stainless Dilator Urethral Sound
Beaded Stainless Dilator Urethral Sound

Experience the unique sensations of prostate milking with our Beaded Stainless Dilator Urethral Sound. It’s designed as a perfect tool to hit the right spots for your optimal pleasure.

Being an advanced urethral explorer, your mantra is, “The deeper it goes, the better it gets”. Therefore, a newbie should never lay hands on this beaded, lengthy rod because it will take a few seasons of practice with penis plugs and smooth urethral sounds before he can finally claim his right to play with this beautifully crafted urethral toy.

Let me express my utmost admiration and appreciation if you’ve come this far looking for a urethral sound made only for the brave. This beauty has a significant length of 10.63 inches and is, therefore, the ideal toy to reach the entire length of your urethra, plus extra inches to stimulate the prostate gland.

Stimulating the prostate or P-Spot brings indescribable, pleasant sensations that are addictive. This prostate stimulation, also known as prostate massage, is medically proven helpful in promoting a man’s reproductive health. With awesome sensations plus health benefits on the side, you’re in luck!

What makes our Beaded Stainless Dilator Urethral Sound truly special is that you can insert either end. The beads on one end have a diameter of 0.24” while the other features beads with 0.31” and 0.28”. The rest of the shaft is 0.24” wide. Enjoy waves of pleasure as you glide this beaded rod through your urethra. The beads on the shaft will magnify the pleasure as you move the sound in an “in and out” motion.

Revel in bliss that tingles and savors every titillating prostate stimulation. Relish the trail of lingering orgasm that will make you come for more. Pure pleasure awaits; hit the “Add to Cart” button now and indulge yourself in infinite pleasure soon!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Type Beaded sounds
Dimension (inches)
Length: 10.63 inches
Width: 0.24" (beads' diameter at wide points), 0.31” and 0.28” (beads on the handle)


Beaded Stainless Dilator Urethral Sound

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