White Silicone Urethral Sound With Ring
White Silicone Urethral Sound With Ring
White Silicone Urethral Sound With Ring

You’ve tried penis plugging, and you love it. Now you’re looking for something a little bit longer and a little bit wider to take your pleasure to the next level. Check out this White Silicone Urethral Sound With Ring; it’s the perfect size for intermediate users.

Made of the finest quality material, this magnificent urethral sound is body-safe, odorless, and durable without being too rigid. It follows the natural curves of your body as it stretches your urethra and stimulates its sensitive nerve endings.

The slightly tapered shaft measures 0.39” at its widest point while the tip is rounded and hollow to allow fluids to cum through. Other size options are 0.23”, which is suitable for less experienced users and 0.33” for those looking for something mid-sized. The ring is completely removable and is worn around the base of the penis head for added sensitivity. Oh, it comes with an extra ring to make sure it fits your size.

Pleasure waves adorn the shaft of this well-made White Silicone Urethral Sound With Ring, masterfully designed and smoothed down to give you all the intense pleasures that you’re craving from down there. Use it to make your solo masturbation sessions more exciting or have your partner give you a blowjob with this toy firmly lodged inside your dick hole. Every mind-blowing sensation will be magnified a hundred times over, helping you achieve sexual nirvana that will leave you utterly spent and satisfied beyond words.

Into BDSM role-playing? Add this sexy little number to your lineup of kinky sex toys and be amazed how something so simple and seemingly unobtrusive can bring so much satisfaction to you and your partner. We recommend using plenty of water-based sterile lube to ensure safe and effortless insertion – after all, what good is a sex toy if it doesn’t allow you to focus on getting and receiving intense sexual pleasure, right?
Grab one for yourself now!

Color White
Material Silicone
Type Silicone Urethral Sounds, Hollow Urethral Sounds
Dimension (inches)
Length: 13.7 inches
Width: 0.23, 0.33 and 0.39 inches


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White Silicone Urethral Sound With Ring

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