Waterproof Urethral Dilator Penis Wand

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Savor the thrill of electrifying shocks that will rock your world from our Waterproof Urethral Dilator Penis Wand.

This solid urethral sound boasts a length and a width that will hit the pleasure spots, so delightfully decadent that you’ll be craving for more. Connect it to an electric shock host to amp the excitement and let the electrifying sensations ease all bodily tensions that have built up.

Featuring bumps and beads, this sound offers waves of sensational strokes against your urethral walls. It has a tapered tip that will kickstart a blissful entry. The flat, circular end serves as a stopper, promising a safe, worry-free urethral probing. At the bottom of it is a knob where you can connect the cable of an electric shock host.

Created with outstanding craftsmanship, this urethral device brings together style and functionality purely for the attainment of what used to be an elusive kind of pleasure for men—multiple orgasms with delayed but extremely explosive ejaculation. Surely, the sensations from the beads are stunningly wonderful, but if you rotate and move the sound up and down, it’s going to be mind-blowing. Make that phenomenal by turning on the electro-shock and you’ll be incredibly ecstatic!

Crafted from first-class metal, stainless steel, it’s a reliable sound that is safe to go in. If you have very sensitive urethral tissues, fret not as this metal is hypoallergenic and free from any harmful chemicals. It’s also guaranteed non-porous, which means it’s an impossible breeding ground for any bacteria. The absence of small pores also makes it easy to clean. What’s more, it’s rust-resistant and durable, promising years of sensual gratification.

Don’t just dare to go deep, but also take the leap to electrify your pleasure spots for a much more fulfilling sexual adventure. Hit the “Buy it now” button to look forward to pleasure-filled days ahead!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Type Beaded Urethral Sound
Dimension (inches)
Length: NA
Width: NA