Urethral Chastity Lock Prince Wand
Urethral Chastity Lock Prince Wand
Urethral Chastity Lock Prince Wand
Urethral Chastity Lock Prince Wand
Urethral Chastity Lock Prince Wand

If you are up for a sexual joy ride, you should try our Urethral Chastity Lock Prince Wand! This is perfect for those who want to experience a new kind of sexual adventure.

This prince wand is the perfect tool to please yourself and your partner. This amorous wand can awaken the inner sub or dom in you. The wand features a beaded rod with a glans ring on one end. The ribbed shaft is responsible for giving you different sensations in your urethra. As the stick gets deeper into your penis, it massages all your erotic spots. This leads to awakening all your senses, enabling you to feel every action that your partner does to your member.

Meanwhile, the ring keeps the shaft in place. It secures the rod while inserted into your urethra and enhances your urethral play. This loop gives a cooling sensation to your penis head, making your hard member twitch with sexual pleasure. But that's not the only purpose of this prince wand. Our beaded prince wand can also give your lover a show-stopping performance! Once the wand is plugged into your thing, it makes your partner moan with pleasure while sucking your Big D. Additionally; it prevents your hot juice from coming out. When this plug is on, you have no choice but to keep your fluid essence inside. The only time you can shoot your hot juice to your partner's body is when he decides to take the wand off your throbbing and massive member.

Our Urethral Chastity Lock Prince Wand is sure to level up your sex adventures. Grab one now and let your urethral play and sexual endeavors take you to new heights of erotic bliss!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Type Prince Wand
Dimension (inches)
Length: 5.12 in.
Width: 0.39 in.


Urethral Chastity Lock Prince Wand

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