Striped Hollow Steel Urethral Play Penis Plug

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Friction creates heat, and that's what exactly our Striped Hollow Steel Urethral Play Penis Plug is here to give you: heat and intensity in urethral play!

If you're searching for more warmth and texture in sounding, beaded or ribbed plugs can give you that satisfaction! This Striped Hollow Steel Urethral Play Penis Plug is specially designed with striped consistency to create more friction in your urethra while it is in use. This feature will allow your senses from within to awaken and fire up, creating a special kind of stimulation like you've never felt before.

It also has a tapered tip that measures 0.24 inch to help you smoothly slide this plug inside the urethra. As you go further, it will stretch out as it reaches the widest point measuring 0.39 inch. This plug has a total length of 4.92 inches long, enough to reach you deeply and ignite those snoozing senses within. There is a ring on one end that can be worn around the penis to help make the plug sit securely. To make it even more exceptional, this sex toy is hollow, which means that it will not block your urethra when you need to stream during orgasm—no need to take it off to avoid retrograde ejaculation.

Remember to sanitize the plug thoroughly before using it with warm soapy water or 75% medical alcohol. Always take precautions and use an adequate amount of lubricant on the penis hole and the plug. To prepare yourself before inserting the plug, it is vital that you feel relaxed and calm. Having tensed nerves can result in a strenuous insertion. When the practice is over, clean the plug again and store it safely.

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Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Type Penis plugs with rings, Hollow penis plugs
Dimension (inches)
Length: 4.92 inches
Width: 0.24 to 0.39 inch, 0.16 (hole), Ring: 0.98 or  1.18 inches