Single Frequency Vibrating Nipple Suckers
Single Frequency Vibrating Nipple Suckers
Single Frequency Vibrating Nipple Suckers
Single Frequency Vibrating Nipple Suckers
Single Frequency Vibrating Nipple Suckers

The nipple is one of the most teased erogenous spots in a woman’s body, but it is sad to say that it is not rubbed or played with enough to bring out all its orgasmic glory. The reason behind this probably lies in the fact that not all nipples are the same. Some are big while others are small; then there’s the structure—normal, flat, inverted, and puffy.

Good thing our Single Frequency Vibrating Nipple Suckers promise no woman will be left behind in experiencing out-of-this-world nipple climax. Whatever type of nipples you got, this baby got you covered!

You can relax on the thought that this nipple sucker is of silicone base material. Therefore, it is body-safe, leaving daunting allergic reactions and skin irritations no room for your play. You have the option to choose between black and purple variants. Pick whichever you think would best suit your sexual personality.

This nipple sucker features a single-frequency mini-bullet vibrator that works with LR44 button batteries. It may be small, but the oscillations it gives are so robust that it can help you reach nipplegasm in no time!

Your boob will benefit so much from getting a good massage before the action. Doing it this way will help it feel relaxed. Grab your body oil or lotion to get things done. As you put it on, press the middle part of the suction cup and release it once it touches your skin. Squeeze the suction ball until you feel that tugging sensation. Turn the vibe on and let the good times roll!

As with every sex toy, cleaning should be the topmost priority before and after use. Your sexual health depends on how well you take care of yourself and the device you are using. To ensure that you are doing things right, remove the mini bullet vibrator and thoroughly wash the suction cup and ball in warm water and mild soap. Dry it before storing it at room temperature to maintain its high-quality.

Never let the chance to reach nipplegasm pass! Grab this toy now!

Color Black, Purple
Material Silicone
Dimension (inches)
Length/Height: 2.83 inches (7.2 cm)
Suction Ball- 1.57 inches (4 cm)
Suction Cup- 1.77 inches (4.5 cm)


Single Frequency Vibrating Nipple Suckers

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