Powerful Red Plastic Nipple Suckers
Powerful Red Plastic Nipple Suckers
Powerful Red Plastic Nipple Suckers
Powerful Red Plastic Nipple Suckers
Powerful Red Plastic Nipple Suckers

The more you twist, the more intense it gets. The more you pull, the more it will open the nerves!

If you don't get this riddle, then you better try our Powerful Red Plastic Nipple Suckers! This pair of nipple teasers will leave you aching for more pleasure in bed.

The nipples are home to many nerve endings; hence, when they get stimulated correctly, orgasmic sensations radiate from them—spreading throughout your whole body. Perhaps you've heard of nipplegasm and thought a crazy bunch of people just coined the words nipple and orgasm. Nipplegasm is real, but it's elusive. But when you have this pair of suckers, having a taste of this kind of orgasm is highly likely.

Sexy red is the color of the cylinder, and the cap and the drive shaft are white. These pumps are plastic, so when you accidentally drop them, they won't break. At the base of each cylinder is a flange that will seal in the vacuum while ensuring the suckers stay put and take hold of the surface.

These manual nipple pumps are pretty straightforward, hence easy to use. To begin, make sure that the end of the drive shaft is at the base of the cylinders. Next, apply some sex lube on and around your nipples to simulate a mouth sucking the tits. Doing so also ensures the nipple teasers stay in place. Place a cylinder against one of your nips, then start twisting the cap clockwise. As the shaft moves up, you will feel the pump getting intense. The higher the bolt, the suction gets stronger. And the stronger it gets, the more swollen your tits get. Stop twisting when you have reached your limit, and when it becomes too much, you can release the vacuum by pivoting the cap counterclockwise.

Seize the moment when your nipples are more protruding because that's when they are most receptive to stimulations. Brush them lightly with your fingertips and ask your partner to lick and bite them. In no time, you will find yourself trembling with orgasm.

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Color Red
Material Plastic
Dimension (inches)
Length/Height: 3.94 inches (10 cm)
Inner Diameter: 0.71 inch (1.8 cm)
Outer Diameter: 1.14 inches (2.9 cm)

Powerful Red Plastic Nipple Suckers

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