Double Attack Gay Nipple Pump
Double Attack Gay Nipple Pump
Double Attack Gay Nipple Pump
Double Attack Gay Nipple Pump
Double Attack Gay Nipple Pump
Double Attack Gay Nipple Pump

Men and women have different physical attributes. But one thing is sure. Men, just like women, have tits, too, only smaller.

That goes without saying that gays have tits, too. So if you think our nipple suckers are only for the female populace, you’re mistaken. We’ve got teasers for gays and everyone around with nips!

The Double Attack Gay Nipple Pump features two cylinders to suck the teats simultaneously. The silicone hose connects these cylinders to the bulb, which you need to squeeze to suck the air out and draw more blood into the nipples.

The bulb also comes with a quick-release valve for fast vacuum release. Do you know what this means? You can simulate a mouth’s sucking as you can pump and release real quick, just as a partner’s mouth does.

If you’re looking for pleasure without discomfort, then this toy is IT! Each cylinder has a flange to help lock in the pressure and to make the sucking comfortable, too. The holes are more than an inch and can, therefore, suck a range of nip sizes.

The cylinders are made of ABS and won’t cause any irritations. Cleaning them is so easy. Mild soap and warm water will keep them pristine. Using this tool is easier than you think.

Once the cylinders are in position, it’s time to pump! Pump and release to get your tits extra sensitive. The moment they are swollen, you’ll ache for licks and bites.

The sucking of this nipple vacuum can get intense, but you get to decide how strong it will be because you will have to pump it manually.

You’ll find this tool sexy during couple play as it’s perfect for teasing. And when you’re all by yourself, go ahead and indulge in nipple play. You will never get tired of doing it again and again with this toy.

Miss a nipple pump this great, and you will regret it. Buy now, and thank us later.

Color Clear (Cups)
Blue (Tube)
Black (Pump)
Material ABS
Dimension (inches)
Cylinder: 2.76 inches (7 cm)
Bulb with valve: 4.72 inches (12 cm)
Cylinder Flange: 1.18 inches (3 cm)


Double Attack Gay Nipple Pump

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