Trigger Happy Nipple Vacuum Toy
Trigger Happy Nipple Vacuum Toy
Trigger Happy Nipple Vacuum Toy
Trigger Happy Nipple Vacuum Toy
Trigger Happy Nipple Vacuum Toy
Trigger Happy Nipple Vacuum Toy

It’s Friday, your favorite day of the week. But this Friday isn’t just an ordinary day for you. It happens to be the date you said “I do” exactly a year ago. However, your husband won’t be home until next weekend due to his work, which means you’re going to celebrate your first wedding anniversary alone.

Don’t let this situation stop you from making your night fun and memorable—even if you’re alone. Get this Trigger Happy Nipple Vacuum Toy and relive the sensation you felt when your lover sucked your sweet and juicy nips!

Like other nipple suckers, this set of kinky tools will make your tits highly sensitive to touch, kiss, nibble, and suck. Once you put the sucker onto your nipple and pump the pistol-grip handle, it starts sucking the air out of your breast, preventing blood flow in and out of your boob nob. As a result, you’ll have a plumper nipple that’s ready to be teased and pleased. And since it comes with three detachable suckers, you can use this toy not just on your boobs but also on your clit! Just don’t forget to lube up the rims of these vacuums and your hot spots for a more sensational and climactic release.

And when you’re through with it, detach the sucker to the hose and the handle and clean them thoroughly. These tools use silicone and ABS as their primary materials, which means cleaning them is a breeze. You only have to wash them with mild soap and warm water, dry them with a clean, lint-free fabric, and store them in a cool, dry place.

Turn your lonely solo nights into fun and exciting evenings with this Trigger Happy Nipple Vacuum Toy. Hit that “Add to Cart” or “Buy It Now” button, and we will do the rest for you.

Color Hose: Blue
Handle: Black
Nipple Suckers: Clear
Material Hose: Silicone
Handle: ABS
Nipple Suckers: Silicone
Dimension (inches)
Hose – 10.63 inches (27 cm)
Nipple Suckers
Small – 0.6 inch
Medium – 0.75 inch
Large – 1 inch

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Trigger Happy Nipple Vacuum Toy

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