Cupping Therapy Nipple Vacuum Pump
Cupping Therapy Nipple Vacuum Pump
Cupping Therapy Nipple Vacuum Pump

Don't you hate it when you catch your guy staring at other women's chests? Boys will be boys. But before you shrug off his obsession watching those plump and jiggly boobs, perhaps you should look at your own and understand why they are not catchy enough when you are in your bikinis.

Before you consider breast implants, it's best to go with pumps as they can naturally make your boobs big. Breast implants will lessen the sensitivity of your mounds, hence less enjoyable sex time for you. With pumps, all you get is an improvement in size and sensitivity.

To help you enhance the size of your boobs, use our Cupping Therapy Nipple Vacuum Pump. This product is a set of two breast cups, a hand pump, and a hose. The cups are made of ABS with a silicone ring on the rim. The tube is silicone, and the hand pump is durable plastic.

Using this pump is easier than you think. It may only have a single tube, but you can pump both breasts at the same time. To begin, apply some lube to your breast, then place the cup over your boob. Connect the hose to the cup, and when it is secure, start pumping to create the vacuum you desire. Pull out the hose to pump your other breast. Removing the hose from the cups won't release the vacuum. To break the suction, simply press the green release valve on the cups.

Enjoy your journey to having attention-grabbing breasts. Vacuum your bosom for 20 minutes in the morning and evening every day to get a better result. Using this breast pump increases blood flow in your bosom, resulting in firmer and bigger boobs.

Flat chest? Saggy boobs? Our Cupping Therapy Nipple Vacuum Pump is here to rescue you. Buy now!

Color Cup: Clear with white rim
Hand pump and tube: White
Material ABS
Dimension (inches)
Suction Cup- 5.5 inches
Hand Pump- 7.9 inches
Tube- 18.9 inches
Cup- 5.1 inches
Hand Pump- 3.5 inches

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Cupping Therapy Nipple Vacuum Pump

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