Perfect Fit Portable Nipple Vacuum
Perfect Fit Portable Nipple Vacuum
Perfect Fit Portable Nipple Vacuum
Perfect Fit Portable Nipple Vacuum
Perfect Fit Portable Nipple Vacuum
Perfect Fit Portable Nipple Vacuum

Pump it up to get the perk you need! The Perfect Fit Portable Nipple Vaccum will suck your tits and increase their sensitivity. Enjoy nipple play at its finest while reaping a great benefit.

As this pump sucks your tits, it improves blood circulation in your breast, resulting in plumper, perkier boobs. If you're not well-endowed with a bosom, then this tool must be heaven-sent. Besides giving you more sensual pleasure, this vacuum is also a breast enlarger. Isn't that amazing?

The cup comes in two size selections: 4.92 inches and 5.24 inches. Hence, whatever your boob size is, we got your nipples covered. The cup has a pink silicone ring, while the cup and handle use high-quality and durable ABS.

This handheld nipple pump's electric design makes it very easy to use. All you have to do is push up the button to activate the suction mode. With just your thumb working the controller, you can pump and release to simulate a mouth's sucking action. It's a lot more convenient than manual nipple pumps. How intense will the suction be? It's all up to you. The tool is equipped with two gears for adjustability to meet a variety of needs.

Given its handle, you'll find it a lot easier to manipulate when massaging your breasts. We recommend the application of water-based lube on the boobs to help the vacuum take a stronger hold, plus the feeling of wetness makes the experience more realistic.

It comes with a USB charging cable for more convenience. Charging time takes about four to five hours, which then gives back 3.5 hours of use. We assure you; you'll never get disappointed with it because it won't shut down in the middle of the fun.

Get your tits ready for some wild pumpin'. Place your order now!

Color Clear, Gray, Pink
Material Silicone
Dimension (inches)
Length/Height: N/A
Small: 4.92 inches
Large: 5.24 inches


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Perfect Fit Portable Nipple Vacuum

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