Twist and Enjoy ABS Nipple Sucker
Twist and Enjoy ABS Nipple Sucker
Twist and Enjoy ABS Nipple Sucker
Twist and Enjoy ABS Nipple Sucker
Twist and Enjoy ABS Nipple Sucker
Twist and Enjoy ABS Nipple Sucker

If you savor pain each time you have wild sex with your partner, make it more pleasurable and more erotic by using a device that will make your pleasure points more sensitive to the slightest of touches. You don't need chains and whips to execute the action—just a simple screwing mechanism would do.

Twist your mind with the soothing and stimulating effect of the Twist and Enjoy ABS Nipple Sucker. Feel your nipples getting hard and protruding as you screw and vacuum your bumper!

This pleasure toy uses high-grade ABS—a material that's non-toxic, safe to use, sturdy, and a trusted polymer in the market. This device is composed of two parts: a screw and a cup. The bolt acts as the adjustment tool to loosen and tighten the cups' hold to the breasts. The clear tubular vessel, on the other hand, serves as the restrictor of the air being pumped from your titties. With the combination of these two parts, you can enjoy sensitizing your boobies to reach the maximum pleasure in your kinky sex with your man!

To install these cups, massage your breasts, especially the areola parts, with an ample amount of water-based lubricant. Place the cups fencing the nipples, then adjust the fit to your tolerable tightness. If you're playing alone, you might as well fuck yourself with some dildo so you can have simultaneous pleasure throughout your body.

Once you're through, clean the suckers with water and mild soap. Dry them with a piece of cloth, then store them together with your other sanitized sex toys.

Whatever your size is, you will surely fall into the available ones that we offer—small, medium, large, and extra-large. So, don't settle with just pure pain. Get the Twist and Enjoy ABS Nipple Sucker soon, so add them to your cart now!

Color White
Material ABS
Dimension (inches)
Length/Height: NA
S: 0.71 inch (1.8 cm)
M: 1.10 inches (2.8 cm)
L: 1.50 inches (3.8 cm)
XL: 1.97 inches (5 cm)


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Twist and Enjoy ABS Nipple Sucker

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