Painless Correction Nipple Toys
Painless Correction Nipple Toys
Painless Correction Nipple Toys
Painless Correction Nipple Toys
Painless Correction Nipple Toys

If you're afraid of needles and blood flowing out of your body, then going under the knife to enhance how your boobs look is a big no-no! You're going to faint once you see the syringes that will prick your sagging nipples! But after all, you want to improve your teats' physique.

Worry no more as there is a way to heighten the built of your bust, pain-free! Introducing—the Painless Correction Nipple Toys—the nipple sucker that will safely and painlessly bring your nipples back to their youthful look!

This toy has two mechanisms: the cup and the vacuum suction. The cup uses silicone as its material, so it's safe to use on the gentle skin of the titties. It has a soft texture, like a baby's pacifier, to ensure that the brim of the cup won't hurt and mark even if the pressure is too high inside. The other part of the toy, the vacuum suction, is a syringe-like, tubular lever with a pulling mechanism to suck up all the air inside the cup. This tube also has a lock to trap the pressure inside. All parts come in transparent color so that you can get to see what's happening through the chamber.

The primary purpose of this exquisite toy is to sensitize the nerve endings of the areola and the nipples. The strumpet berries get lifted as they erect due to lack of oxygen in the blood vessels, making them more susceptible to the scantiest of touches.

It's so easy to install and use. Apply an ample amount of water-based lube onto the breast, then cover the nipples with the cup. Attach the tube to the hole at the back of the concave part of the bowl, then pull the stick to suck up the pressure inside the cup. Lock the air by putting the stopper and let it do the job of numbing your melons.

Release the pressure by removing the stopper once you're through. Wash the toy with water and mild soap, then completely dry it after.

Chest out to the world for the juvenile look of your erected titties, brought to you by the Painless Correction Nipple Toys! It's affordable and not painful in the pocket, so grab yours now!


Color Clear
Material Silicone
Dimension (inches) Inner Diameter: 0.59 inch (1.5 cm)
Outer Diameter: 1.18 inches (3 cm)
Diameter: Inner Diameter: 0.59 inch (1.5 cm)
Height: N/A


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Painless Correction Nipple Toys

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