Vacuum Pump Nipple Sucker

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The night was chilly, and the room was dark. This atmosphere turned you on, but your lover was not around to help you release. You had no choice but to please yourself.

You started massaging and pinching your sensitive nipples to arouse you. These acts worked at first, but then, your body was craving for more. Your tits wanted to feel your honey’s soft lips sucking your sweet nips. But you couldn’t just call him and ask him to get home early because of your carnal cravings. Yet…you knew your body wouldn’t be fully satisfied if he didn’t make love to you.

What should you do? Should you just let the night pass by or continue with what you’d started—even if you knew your hands wouldn’t be enough?

What a big problem, huh? Not if you get these Vacuum Pump Nipple Suckers! This pair of nipple suckers will satisfy your sexual appetite when your babe is missing in action.

Available in a wide range of sizes, these pleasure toys let you choose a pair of suckers that fit your tits. And with their wide openings, they can suck your nips like how a mouth sucks your nipples.

To use these love tools, you have to lubricate your areolas for a more intense experience. Place them over your teats and twist the mechanisms to let the suckers draw your nipples up to the chambers. Twist them repeatedly, and you’ll get rewarded with squeals of pleasure!

ABS is the primary material used in these toys; hence, they are easy to clean. You only have to use mild soap and warm water to disinfect these tools. Wipe them dry with a soft, clean cloth, then store them in a cool, dark place.

Give in to your nipple indulgence—even without your partner. Grab our Vacuum Pump Nipple Suckers now!

Color/Type Clear + White
Material ABS
Dimension Length: N/A
1.8 cm: 0.71 inches
2.5 cm: 0.98 inches
3 cm: 1.18 inches
3.9 cm: 1.54 inches
5 cm: 1.97 inches
5.9 cm: 2.32 inches