Shower Head Hollow Steel Penis Plug

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Have a splashing orgasm with this Shower Head Hollow Steel Penis Plug, read below to find out more!

Whether you've been practicing urethral sex for some time or if you're just getting started, this plug will fit just right in! "Cock stuffing" or urethral play, is becoming more and more popular nowadays; hence, there are hundreds of penis plug choices available online. But what's great about this Shower Head Hollow Steel Penis Plug is that it allows you to flow during orgasm as it will not block the urethra due to its hollow design. Made of stainless steel, this plug has sleek, lustrous surface and a 0.20-inch tapered tip to make the insertion as comfortable as possible. The plug has a diameter of 0.31 inch and measures 0.37 inch at its widest point. It also has a shower-head style tip that measures 0.79 inch in diameter; this tip has multiple holes which makes ejaculation with this penis plug fun and worry-freeno need to remove it to prevent retrograde ejaculation. With the level of intensified stimulation, this plug can make a simple touch or tap on the penis while it is erect feel very tingling and electrifying.

Don’t forget to diligently clean the plug before use; warm soapy water will do. Alternatively, you can also use 75% medical alcohol. As a safety measure, it is advised to use a liberal amount of lube on both the plug and the urethra. Before inserting the plug, you can do some breathing exercises or listen to calming music to help you feel relaxed. If you feel tensed or stressed, you might find it difficult to insert the plug. Sanitize the plug again after use and keep it in a safe place.

Let your explosive orgasm sprinkle like a shower and set this into your cart now!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Type Hollow penis plugs
Dimension (inches)
Length: 2.6 inches
Width: Shaft: 0.31, 0.37 inch; Hole: 0.20 inch  Head: 0.79 inch