Dual Urethral Stimulation Stainless Steel Sound

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You’re one brave soul, and you’ve proven that many times, so here you are looking for something that will surely renew your appetite for urethral adventure. Why not give our Dual Urethral Stimulation Stainless Steel Sound to experience a variety of titillating sensations?

Uniquely designed for versatility, it features three pieces that can be assembled or separated depending on your mood or how you want to indulge yourself in urethral stimulation. Combine the smooth rod and beaded sound together without the threaded ball, and you’ll have a whopping 14.17” urethral sound, perfect for a rare bladder stimulation experience. Detach them from each other and put the threaded ball, and you’ll have one cum-thru prince wand and one beaded urethral sound. If your partner is also male, combine them all and let your imagination go wild! Can you imagine two phallus meeting in the middle of combined rods?

Entirely made of premium stainless steel, this prober is very safe for internal use for the said material is non-toxic and hypoallergenic. And its non-porous nature makes it an impossible breeding ground for bacteria.

Experience luxurious sensations trouble-free by observing proper hygiene when engaging in urethral play. Be extra careful and gentle when inserting your toy to avoid tearing your delicate urethra. Use 100% sterile water-soluble lube as it’s easy to flush out upon urination. Don’t forget these and you’ll be all right.

For painless and pleasurable probing, insert the sound when your penis is flaccid. It’s better if you lie on piles of pillows for a better view of what you’re doing. Hold your cock at a 90-degree angle, put a blob of lube on the eye then insert. Gently push and let gravity do its work. Once the desired length is inside, move the sound in and out for extra delightful kind of masturbation.

Relish blissful orgasms with our Dual Urethral Stimulation Stainless Steel Sound. Click the “Add to Cart” button, and it will be yours!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Type Beaded Sound
Dimension (inches)
Length: 14.17”
Width: entrance diameter: 0.24”, Rod diameter: 0.39”, small bead: 0.31”, big bead: 0.39”