Breast Suction Play Nipple Pump
Breast Suction Play Nipple Pump
Breast Suction Play Nipple Pump

Have perkier boobs and experience erotic sensations while you're at it too! Let this device help you enhance your lovely lady humps and make them extra-sensitive for more delightful lovemaking. Just a few minutes with this Breast Suction Play Nipple Pump, and you can change your body and sex life for the better.

Your partner may try to hide it, but you keep noticing him glancing at ladies with perky boobs. If you're starting to feel insecure about it, then it's time to give your bosom an exercise and make them look more enticing for your lover. Give your breasts a lift by spending some time with our Breast Suction Play Nipple Pump. This easy-to-use breast enhancing device can be your new companion through your journey of self-improvement and even during solo play. It consists of a plastic cup with a soft rim, a hose, and a pump.

To use this manual breast pump, place the cup over one of your breasts. Make sure that the areola is at the center to give your breast an even and comfortable pump.

Once the cup is in place, gently squeeze the handle and create a vacuum inside the cup. Reach the edge of your tolerance and feel the pressure getting tighter. Watch your breast enlarge and feel the blood rushing through your nipples. You'll notice that your boobs will get extra sensitive.

At this point, you can even touch yourself and achieve a satisfying orgasm as part of your self-care. Once your session is over, you can release the pressure by turning the valve. Clean this tool before placing it back in its storage. You can use it 15 minutes per session, once or twice a day for firmer and perkier boobs.

Keep your partner's eyes locked on you and your bouncy breasts! Add this to your cart now!

Color Clear and Pink
Material ABS
Dimension (inches)
Length/Height: 4.33 inches (Cup)
Width/Diameter: 3.94 inches (Diameter of Cup)


Breast Suction Play Nipple Pump

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