Bamboo-Inspired Urethral Stimulation Stainless Steel Sound
Bamboo-Inspired Urethral Stimulation Stainless Steel Sound

A man with great courage keeps pushing the boundaries in his pursuit of happiness, for he knows achieving something great requires grit. If you are such a man, then you would have this Bamboo-Inspired Urethral Stimulation Stainless Steel Sound to experience long-lasting erections with guaranteed luxurious orgasms.

Enjoy stuffing your cock with this beaded sound which is 6.10” in length and 0.38” at its widest girth. Featuring beads that will enrich your urethral play experience, this urethral toy will increase pressure against your urethral wall that will stimulate the nerve endings, making even the gentlest stroke on your cock extremely tantalizing. Its insertable tip is round and smooth, promising an easy and pleasurable entry.

Made of premium stainless-steel, this urethral toy won’t cause any irritation to your extra-delicate urethra. Stainless steel is also phthalates-free and non-toxic, making internal use safe and hassle-free. And, since it’s non-porous, it is essentially easy to clean. Run one of your fingers along the surface and you won’t feel any nicks or scratches---smoothness ensured for your worry-free urethral adventure.

Let the exploration begin by making sure you have your toy properly sanitized. Boil water in a glass pot and sterilize your steel. Get your whole body cleaned as well, especially your hands and your entire package as this will prevent contaminating your sterile device. Next, lie on a pile of pillows, then put a blob of surgical lube on your pee-hole. As much as possible, cover your urethral toy with lube to make it glide easily through the canal. Hold your cock at a 90-degree angle, then gently insert the sound through the hole. Let gravity help you with this and your urine canal will be fine. As this doesn’t have a stopper, leave an inch or a half so you have something to grab when it’s time for the pull-out.

Have intensified sensations that will drive you to climactic brink as you masturbate. Your passport to heavenly bliss, the Bamboo-Inspired Urethral Stimulation Stainless Steel Sound, is just a few clicks away. Hit the “Add to Cart” button now! 

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Type Beaded Sound
Dimension (inches)
Length: 6.10”
Width: 0.38” (max), 0.30


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Bamboo-Inspired Urethral Stimulation Stainless Steel Sound

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