Leather Chokers

What a privilege it is to wear a leather collar as a token of obedience and submission! They not only look chic and trendy, but they also go along with any clothes you wear. For this reason, one can even use it as a day collar. If you need a leather collar for your compliant partner, then you're in the right place.

Gone are the days when sex was just about a couple of people in their birthday suits doing the missionary position. Once you've had a taste of how erotic role-playing can feel, even the wheelbarrow and infamous sixty-nine can become dull and boring. On top of making your role-play feel more realistic and engaging, collars also symbolize one's loyalty and submission to a dominant partner. But whatever your reason may be in getting a leather collar, it is always best to get collars that will not only fit your play and lifestyle but can also withstand wear and tear.

Aside from using collars to seal your partner's surrender, they are also useful in making bondage and role-play kinkier and wilder. Most of the leather collars in this collection have either an O-ring or a D-ring at the front, where you can attach accessories to make your play more humiliating and torturous for your partner. Things like a leash, chain, handcuffs, ankle cuffs, and even nipple clamps - if they have a chain and hook, you can hang them from your partner's neck. Indeed, these leather collars are a must-have.

Our collection of leather collars offers a variety of ways to emphasize your authority and, at the same time, make your bed routines more thrilling and arousing than before. Whether you're looking for black and gothic leather bands or straps of vibrant colors and designs, this collection has them all. You can also get the collars with a harness, chains, and multiple O-rings, which gives you plenty of room to get creative in your play and positions. Some of our leather collars look sweet and innocent, while some look bold and audacious and have numerous spikes and studs throughout. This collection has collars that can make your partner bloom in beauty, and some collars can make them look like a blood-sucking creature. Whichever style or color you choose, rest assured that you can use these collars guilt-free. That's because they're all synthetic leather, making them animal-friendly and body-safe as well.

And because there's plenty of choices available, you can certainly get one that will match your partner's role, costume, or lingerie. With a pair of furry ears and a tail plug, you can turn your lover into a ferocious and feral fox. On the other hand, add some harness, chains, and whips, and you can have an obedient slave that will follow your command. Whatever theme you or your partner wants to play, a leather collar from this collection can complete your day.

There are tons of styles to choose from, so take your time browsing through this leather collar collection, and get your partner one today!

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