Sensual Playtime Tease Sex Collar
Sensual Playtime Tease Sex Collar
Sensual Playtime Tease Sex Collar
Sensual Playtime Tease Sex Collar

Has time in the bedroom become dull with your partner, and only a work of magic can bring back lust again? Let that touch of magic come from our Sensual Playtime Tease Sex Collar, a sexy accessory that will fire up your libido and arouse your partner big-time.

This uniquely designed collar will make your playtime erotic and sensual. With its layers of metal chains draping over your chest, it is the right accessory to make you look irresistibly hot! Attached vertically on the collar strap are three more straps where the chains are arranged to create a chest adornment. Keeping the collar in place is a ring that will go through any punch hole, and a metal padlock will keep it in place. Meanwhile, the bosom adornment is spread beautifully and secured by a chain that goes across the back. With your gorgeous curves, you can find the right fit. The lower end of the middle strap features a loop, which you can use for other attachments like a leash.

This accessory will fit perfectly on a range of body sizes as it is adjustable at two points—neck and back. Made of quality synthetic leather and A-grade, rust-proof metal, this accessory will surely provide you with many great moments for the years to come. Trust that the hardware and the straps won't irritate your delicate skin even during extended wear.

Wear your lacy black underwear and get chained in the sexiest way. Let your partner put this on you and allow him to lock the collar. Entrust the key under his care, and let him do whatever pleases both of you when you submit yourself.

When lingerie no longer heightens the thrill, why keep buying them? Go with a gorgeous collar that will make your role-play exciting and arousing! Grab yours now!

Color Black, Silver
Material Synthetic Leather
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: NA


Sensual Playtime Tease Sex Collar

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