Holy Trainer V3 | Train Your Man In 3 Sizes

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Do you consider yourself an adventurer? Do you see yourself as someone suave, sexy, and sophisticated? Are you a man capable of doing anything extraordinary under the sun? We hate to break it to you but if you haven't taken on the challenge of wearing a male chastity device, then you can't be all these and more!

If you want to jump start your male chastity device experience, you need to quit playing games and start right now! If you are ready and willing to take on the challenge, get yourself the Train Your Man Holy Trainer! You can begin your chastity journey with this plastic device. This chastity device model is popular with beginners. The high-quality, hard plastic material is comfortable to use and the attached cock ring highlights a unique user-friendly design. This plastic cock cage comes in four different colors - transparent, black, pink, and red.

The Train Your Man Holy Trainer has a soft and ergonomic enclosure that fully covers the whole penis. It has a small perforation at the tip for smooth urine flow. It comes with three cock rings that have different sizes. With these options, it allows you to find the right size for you. There's also a brass padlock that comes with two keys.

If your gratification is in the hands of your dominant or key holder, then Train Your Man Holy Trainer will make sure that an intense and powerful experience will ensue. While you might be teased to the point you are begging for more, the end results that this plastic cock cage has for you will be worth it! If you want to be able to maximize your time with this. make sure you wash this with mild antibacterial soap and rinse it with warm water. This helps keep bacteria and odor away!


Cage: Transparent, Black, Pink, Red

Rings: Black

Material Plastic
Ring Dimensions (inches) Diameter:
1.65, 1.75,1.85