Chief of Staff Metal Chastity Device
Chief of Staff Metal Chastity Device
Chief of Staff Metal Chastity Device
Chief of Staff Metal Chastity Device

Confine your slave all day, all night, and keep it that way! The Chief of Staff Metal Chastity Device has an intricate compact design, with a built-in locking system that prevents a bulky appearance that perfectly goes undetected under any clothing. It is excellent for cuckolding, sissification, and slaves.

This chastity device is non-porous and phthalate-free because it's made of pure, high-quality, 316L-grade stainless steel. The base ring is available in three distinct sizes: 1.57, 1.77, and 1.97 inches. Furthermore, the package includes a set of lock and keys. Insert the key inside the keyhole and turn to align the lock. Then, the bolt can be inserted into or separated from the hinge. With another twist of the key, your caged man will be trapped entirely until you decide to show mercy!

Also, this cock cage is temperature-sensitive. If your keyholder is audacious enough, your partner will add sexual stimulation to the chastity toy by introducing hot or cold temperatures that will undoubtedly push all the right buttons to drive you wild.

If you're hesitant because someone might discover that you bought a chastity toy, then you'll be happy to know that we ship this product in discreet packaging. The shipping label is along the lines of "metallic toy," so it doesn't point to what's inside the box. We also use an alias in our transactions so that your bank statement is also discreet.

Cleaning this device is also doesn't require a lot of effort; wash the same way you would do the dishes. Just ensure that you properly disinfect the equipment either by dipping it in boiling water or applying a generous amount of rubbing alcohol.

Seduce your caged man until he yields to his urges. This chastity device makes for not only a good BDSM sex toy but also an excellent chastity device. Trust us! Order one today and your chastity lifestyle journey will never be the same again.

Color Silver
Type Male Chastity Device
Material Stainless Steel
Ring Dimensions Diameter:
Small- 40 mm (1.57 inches)
Medium- 45 mm (1.77 inches)
Large- 50 mm (1.97 inches)
Cock Cage Dimensions


Cage Size

Outer: 85mm (3.35 in)


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Chief of Staff Metal Chastity Device

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