Super Smooth Hollow Penis Plug
Super Smooth Hollow Penis Plug
Super Smooth Hollow Penis Plug
Super Smooth Hollow Penis Plug
Super Smooth Hollow Penis Plug
Super Smooth Hollow Penis Plug

Ejaculating creates a surge of dopamine levels in our brain. That is why it gives us that addictive natural high whenever we reach orgasm. Over time, you will find yourself insatiable from the feeling that masturbation gives you, and that's when you would need the help of our Super Smooth Hollow Penis Plug to let you experience a higher level of sexual stimulation.

Your urethral wall is extra sensitive. That's why peeing and ejaculating are super satisfying, Now imagine having something inside your urethral wall that can simulate the feeling of ejaculation. We understand that the idea of inserting something to your penis may sound absurd. However, once you have packed enough courage to take on this new journey, you will never go beat your cock the same way again.

Our Super Smooth Hollow Penis Plug is one of the best starting points. It's made of premium-quality stainless-steel that is guaranteed safe and polished well to achieve a smooth texture. Since it's the same material used in surgical pieces of equipment, you can have peace of mind that's it is safe for internal use.

Before you start your cock stuffing journey, make sure to sanitize your penis plug and your body. It's important to put your penis plug in some boiling water then apply some antibacterial soap. Thoroughly clean your hands, penis, and the parts around it to avoid infection. Some good quality lubricant must also be applied on your pee hole and on the shaft of the plug for easy insertion. Also, it is important to have a relaxed body and a flaccid cock while inserting the plug. At this point, you would feel a great feeling of arousal until your cock becomes as hard as a rock. You may start fucking your cock by pulling and pushing the plug while you enjoy the amazing feeling of ejaculating before you actually release some cum.

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Color Silver
Material Stainless-Steel
Type Hollow Penis Plugs
Dimension (inches)
Length: 4.33 inches
Width: 0.27 inch


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Super Smooth Hollow Penis Plug

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