Striped Hollow Stainless Penis Plug

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Treat your manhood with incredible sensations when you use our Striped Hollow Stainless Penis Plug. Jerking off will never be the same once you take advantage of your ultra-sensitive urethral wall.

If you once enjoyed beating your meat but noticed a decline in enjoyment because you got used to the sensation, then you are about to do the right decision of purchasing a penis plug. While inserting something in your penis might look really intimidating, you have also probably heard a lot of great things about it. Don't limit yourself on what you can accomplish, Lovegasm is here to guide you.

Our Striped Hollow Stainless Penis Plug is a top-shelf variant. From its material of stainless-steel to its design, it's Lovegasm's premium product you can never go wrong with. Since it's made of high-quality material, you can be assured that it's completely safe to use internally. Its length of 2.56 inches is a perfect starting point for you. It is enough to tickle your urethral wall as if you are about to reach a wonderful orgasm.

Before you jump into the fun, make sure your penis plug is cleaned well. Put it in a pot of boiling water and use some antibacterial soap to kill harmful bacteria. It's also important to clean your hands and your body to avoid infection. Then, apply some good quality lubricant on your penis hole and on the shaft of the plug for a hassle-free insertion. Make sure that you are completely relaxed and your cock is still flaccid while inserting the penis plug. Don't rush and listen to your body. If done properly, you will feel a sudden surge of arousal until you are as hard as a rock. Stroke your cock gently while it's inside you. After this, you will never go back to your regular masturbation routines.

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Color Silver
Material Stainless-Steel
Type Hollow penis plugs
Dimension (inches)
Length: 2.56 inches
Width: 0.39 inch, 0.16; ball head: 0.63 inch