Role-Play Fetish Nipple Clamps With Chain

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Let's admit it - we all want to feel good. But sometimes, we might need a little help in some department. Whether you are into hard or soft play, we all want our nipples to be part of the action. After all, it's one of the most sensitive parts of the body. If you are keen to do just that, make sure you check out the Role-Play Fetish Nipple Clamps With Chain!

A nipple clamp does not need to be complicated or extravagant for you to be able to get the results you want and need. With this kinky toy for your sensitive chest raisins, it's a simple yet aesthetically designed tool for some cum-exploding nipple foreplay. It measures 17.32 inches and weighs 0.13 pounds. It can maximize the sensitivity of your nipples, stimulating them until you get all the sensations that you can possibly get.

Before using the Role-Play Fetish Nipple Clamps, it's important to point out some of their prominent features. The toy has a pair of nipple clamps. These are made of rubber and come in black.

On one side of each nipple clamp lays a small knob that you can use to adjust the fit of the clips on your dugs. Loosen or tighten them up to fit your comfort and experience level.

Linking the two nipple clamps is a black chain. You can also see two small golden bells that ring whenever your body is in motion.

If you are wondering when to use these chained nipple clamps, well, the answer is up to you! It can be used during BDSM activities or role-playing. It can also be used whenever you feel like stimulating the nipples! There is no definite time to enjoy all the nipple stimulation from the Role-Play Fetish Nipple Clamps With Chain.

Color Black
Material Metal
Type Nipple Clamps with Chain and Bells
Dimension (inches)
Length: 17.32 inches
Width: N/A
Weight: 0.13 lbs.