Charming Purple Nipple Clamps With Chain

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The purest sensual sensations are a concoction of pain and pleasure. The Charming Purple Nipple Clamps With Chain is a true masterpiece that lets you have a dose of some tingly pain, then showers you with pleasure after.

The clamps are clover clamps which, history has it, had their roots in Japan. They give the most intense pinch, especially when the chain is pulled. Their strong grip is not intended for the tenderfeet who are still wary of exploring levels of pain. They are specifically made for the pros who have gained experience and have developed a high level of pain endurance.

The nipple clamps are connected by a beautiful purple metal chain that can make you look charming; thus, enticing your partner to give your breasts and nipples the best treatment ever. Not only is the chain used to highlight your voluptuous figure, but it can also be used to torture your nipples in the most erotic way possible. So, go ahead… adorn your beautiful body to charm your man.

Perfect for a BDSM roleplay, these metal clamps will up the ante in your playroom. They can also be enjoyed by those who are outside the kink world, especially those who enjoy clamping other body parts. Yes, these nipples clamps are more versatile than what you think. Let your imagination run wild and maximize the use of these awesome nipple clamps.

Before having your nipples clamped with these clips, make sure they are erect. Keep an eye on those tits once they are gripped since the clamps are designed to restrict blood circulation in those areas.

Never wait until they turn blue. Remove the clips immediately once they start to feel numb. The feast begins the moment your tits are set free. Looking for something nasty for the most erotic sensations? Look no further than the Charming Purple Nipple Clamps With Chain. Buy them now!

Color Purple
Material Metal
Type Nipple Clamps with Chain
Dimension (inches)
Length: N/A
Width: N/A
Weight: N/A