Dual Layer Nipple Clamps With Chain

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Make BDSM roleplay more exhilarating with the Dual Layer Nipple Clamps With Chain. Inspire fear and delight at the same time to make your Sub commit to being nipple clamped.

Both nipple clamps are made of durable metal to bring you fun-filled years of kinkiness. Each clamp features a screw that can be easily adjusted according to the intensity of pinch you’d like your Sub to feel. Test her limits with the screws or find her sweet spot. We’ve been mindful of her comfort by coating the tips with rubber. The rubber will also ensure that the clamps won’t slip especially when your play is at its best part.

The two-layered chain will not only adorn her chest but will also add pressure to her tits. Tug the chain to humiliate her and inflict more pain, but be sure to use a safe word just in case the pain has bordered her limits.

For your sub to have the most enjoyable nipple play, you’ve got to stimulate them first and make sure they’re erect before squeezing them with these metal clamps. We bet she’d love them stroked, caressed, or licked. So, give her tits the right treatment.

Once they’re pinched, keep an eye on them as you don’t want them to turn blue. When she tells you she’s not feeling the stimulations in her nips, remove the clamps right away to avoid damaging the nerves in her nipples.

The clamps will restrict blood flow to and from the nipples, but once they’re taken off, she’ll have the sweetest relief in her life as the blood rushes back into their nerves. This is also a magical moment when gentle strokes, licks, and nibbles are magnified. So, please your sub by doing so, and she’ll always be glad to be your slave.

Buy the Dual Layer Nipple Clamps With Chain for more exciting BDSM adventures ahead!

Color Black, Clear, Pink, Purple, Red, Rose
Material Metal
Type Nipple Clamps with Chain
Dimension (inches)
Length: N/A
Width: N/A
Weight: N/A