Flirting Rings Silver Nipple Clamps

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It’s much easier to flirt and be kinky behind closed doors when you’ve got the right sex toys to get you in the mood. The Flirting Rings Silver Nipple Clamps are your perfect tools to boost your lustful sex adventures.

Your tits are packed with nerve endings, so they become erect when they’re nibbled on, sucked, caressed, or pinched. It’s one of those amazing parts of the body that, when stimulated right, can bring you not just arousal but also orgasmic bliss. That’s right! Nipplegasm exists, and this pair of nipple clamps will do the magic trick.

Both nipple clamps are well constructed from stainless steel— a durable type of metal that is resistant to wear and tear, including rust. The tips of the clamps, which are used to pinch your nips, have soft rubber casings to ensure comfort and safety. Attached to each of them is a robust ring where you can add weights or other accessories to amp the pressure and to heighten the excitement.

Whether you’re new to nipple play or have been enjoying it for a few seasons now, this duo will suit your needs. These versatile nipple clamps each have a screw that will allow easy adjustments, depending on how strong the pinch you desire. And if you’re an advanced player seeking more pressure, your Dom can attach weights to the rings or tie ropes on them during your BDSM roleplay. With a spark of kinky creativity, there’ll be lots of fun that can be done with these two nipple clamps.

For the most wonderful experience, always make sure that your nipples are erect before they get pinched. While the clamps are applied, keep an eye on your tits or touch them now and then. Immediately remove the clamps when your nips start to feel numb, and the magic happens when your nips are set free from the clamps because blood will be rushing back to your nipples. It’s at this point that your tits become extra sensitive to stimulations like licking or stroking. A brush from a soft feather will surely make you euphoric.

For an overload of kinkiness and a surge of happy hormones, you’ve got to have the Flirting Rings Silver Nipple Clamps. Buy now!

Color Black + Silver
Material Stainless Steel + Soft rubber
Type Adjustable Nipple Clamps
Dimension (inches)
Length: 2 in.


Maximum Gap Between Pads: 0.6 in. 

Attached Ring: 1.3 in.

Weight: 0.08 lbs.