Shock and Awe Electro Nipple Clamps Set

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Are you ready for an electrifying experience? If you are, there is one fantastic toy that can do just that and more literally! If you are not afraid of a little shock here and there, try the Shock and Awe Electro Nipple Clamps Set.

When it comes to the Shock and Awe Electro Nipple Clamps Set, there are several features that you need to be familiar with. Knowing these essential details would help you maximize the benefits for your next nipple play experience.

Let's first start with the nipple clamps. There are two in the set, and they are made of metal. Each clamp measures 1.65 inches in length and 0.39 inches in width. These metal clamps are connected to an electro-stimulation device that is made of mostly ABS plastic and is powered by two AA batteries.

The electro-stimulation device that comes with the Shock and Awe Electro Nipple Clamps Set has several notable specifications that you need to take note of. On its remote panel, there are six (6) buttons, each with a specific button. The first one is the "power" button. Press it to turn the electro-stimulation device on or off. There are also different modes that you can choose from: pulse, numb, absorb, and auto. There's also the "adjust" button, which controls the shock frequency.

For those who are new to the Shock and Awe Electro Nipple Clamps Set, it might sound a little scary. However, the truth is that as long as you know how to use it properly, you shouldn't be afraid to use it. Once you have tried this, it's a completely different experience. The sensations are much more intensified, leading you to feel pleasures that you might not have felt before!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Type Electric Nipple Clamps
Dimension (inches)
Length: 1.65 in.
Width: 0.39 in.
Weight: N/A