Ball Gag Nipple Clamp
Ball Gag Nipple Clamp
Ball Gag Nipple Clamp
Ball Gag Nipple Clamp
Ball Gag Nipple Clamp
Ball Gag Nipple Clamp
Ball Gag Nipple Clamp

Nothing like black leather, some chains, and a pair of sturdy nipple clamps to bring out the sizzling dominatrix in you! Being entrusted with absolute power within the confines of your bedroom gives you a natural high, and what better way to savor that than by using super sexy bondage instruments like this Ball Gag Nipple Clamp.

It works a lot like the ordinary nipple clamps available online but with the added bonus of a strong metal chain that connects the clamps to the choker and ball gag. The gag is perforated with holes to make breathing easier for your pretend slave; after all, you only want to inflict pain and not kill them, right?

All materials used in this set are hypoallergenic and easy to clean. It comes in black leather and silver color for the chains. This Ball Gag Nipple Clamp is sure to match the kinky setup you’ve got going in your den.

In the real world, pain is something we’d all want to avoid. Still, in the privacy of your bedroom and in the hands of someone you trust implicitly, it can give way to an exhilarating form of release that not only makes your bond with your partner stronger but also much more intimate.

Whether you’re a newbie or someone who’s been around the block, this choker with clamps will complete your BDSM experience.

Grab this Ball Gag Nipple Clamp bondage set now and unlock your wild side – it’s high quality, affordable, and a breeze to use with its adjustable straps and body-safe leather and metal chains. Pair it up with some sexy lingerie in black lace and thigh-high leather boots and get ready for a night of mind-blowing sensual pleasures that will leave you spent, satisfied but still craving for more.


Leather Strap & Rubber Tips: Black

Chain & Clamps: Silver


Ball Gag Strap: Leather

Clamps: Metal

Type Choker with Nipple Clamps
Dimension (inches)
Length: 25.60 in.
Width: 1.37 in.
Weight: 0.17 lb.


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Ball Gag Nipple Clamp

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