Plastic Nipple Clamps

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What if you could have a sex toy that could satisfy both the male and the female body parts at the same time? Achieve male and female bliss with our Plastic Nipple Clamps.

These lovely nipple clamps are made from finest-grade silicone material. This material is perfect for sex toys because it is body-safe and has a soft and smooth texture. Furthermore, these adult toys are available in two basic colors – sexy black and innocent white. Choose whichever color fits your personality.

Our Plastic Nipple Clamps feature a V-shaped end. This design serves as the device’s clamp as it pinches and squeezes your nipples while sending vibrations onto your chest area. It also has a ribbed design at the back to give your hands a secure grip on the clamp. There is also a caption, “The Secret of Love,” at the handle, which indicates that these vibrating nipple clamps are your solution to reignite the passion and intimacy between you and your lover.

Additionally, these silicone-based coquettish toys have a built-in vibrator with seven different vibration frequency modes. The vibrators have a USB connector that you can use to recharge these toys. A fully charged battery allows you to use the toy for more than an hour. That is more than enough to satisfy yourselves in the sack.

Another good thing about this sex device is that it is intended for men too. It has a loop that serves as a handle or a cock ring. You can insert your lover’s penis to regulate the blood flow from his hard dick so that he can produce a stronger erection or extend it for longer periods. This means you will have more time to have fun yet naughty sex play with your partner.

Hence, there’s no reason to look further than our Plastic Nipple Clamps. Add it to your cart now and enhance your intimate moments with your lover!

Color Black, White
Material Silicone + ABS
Type Vibrating Nipple Clamp
Dimension (inches)
Length: 3.15 inches
Width: 1.89 inches
Weight: N/A