Pillar-Inspired Stainless Jeweled Butt Plug 5.51 Inches Long


Have you been using anal plugs for a while now, and you think that it’s about time to step up your game and go big this time? Check out our Pillar-Inspired Stainless Jeweled Butt Plug 5.51 Inches Long, and it might just be the upgrade that you are looking for.

If you have been an avid user of butt plugs and the same old toy, just don’t cut it anymore, perhaps it’s about time to upgrade and upsize the fun! Our Pillar-Inspired Stainless Jeweled Butt Plug 5.51 Inches Long is for anal plug users who have been in the game for a while and are looking for new ways to get that full feeling and stimulation during sex.

Measuring 5.51 inches long, this anal toy is also curved on the sides to give you the stimulation you want, especially when moving around. With this size, it’s almost sure to hit you on the right spot, and it is a great leap from the beginner’s size. This will also improve the experience, and it will enhance your orgasmic explosion to a whole new level. You can even choose between gold and silver. Its jeweled handle will look cute in between your butt cheeks; you’ll feel sexier than ever!

Just like any other anal toy, an ample amount of lubricant should be applied on the butt hole before gently inserting the plug. During the intercourse, the person on top can play around with it using the jeweled handle, give it a little shake, and the receiving partner will surely scream for more! After use, clean it thoroughly with soap and water. Wipe it properly and make sure that it is dry before storing it in a cool place!

Bigger means more, more stimulation, more erotic explosions! So don’t wait any longer and add this to your cart now!

Color Gold, Silver
Type Jeweled Plug

Handle: Stainless Steel

Plug: Stainless Steel



handle: N/A

plug: 5.51 inches


handle: N/A

plug: N/A