Penis Mold Metal Chastity Device 3.82 inches long

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For some people, they want gratification instantly. However, some of those who have taken a liking to the powerful feeling that male chastity devices bring to their sex lives do not mind waiting for waves of endless pleasures that await them. If you are one of these folks, then you can achieve all that and more with the Penis Mold Metal Chastity Device 3.82 inches long.

If you are on the lookout for a reliable male chastity device, look no further! The Penis Mold Metal Chastity Device 3.82 inches long is here to fulfill your desires effectively! Made of stainless steel, this is a non-porous and non-toxic male chastity device. It is also free from phthalates. When you take a look at the device, you will notice some essential features. This is what we call a "completely closed" type of cock lock. This means that you have to take this off if you need to pee completely. Also, there are two sizes you can choose from. You can pick between the one with the 1.69-inch cock ring or the one measuring 1.77 inches. Both have the same length of 3.82 inches. Choose the one that best suits your package!

Before you start using the Penis Mold Metal Chastity Device 3.82 inches long, make sure you clean it and your dick area thoroughly. If you plan on using this for an extended period of time, you must not forget to keep things clean and hygienic at all times. As this is a "completely closed" cock lock, this needs to be attended to daily. Depending on your arrangement, you can unlock yourself unsupervised or otherwise and wash yourself and the male chastity device using warm water and soap.

Be one of the braves who can say they have survived this toy, take a good swing on the male chastity device, and add this to your cart now!

Color/Type Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Ring Dimension (inches)


1.69 inches

1.77 inches

Cock Cage Dimension (inches)


3.82 inches


2.52 inches

2.64 inches