Open-Mouthed Gag and Choker With Nipple Clamps

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What’s better than a pair of well-designed nipple clamps to get you into a sexy and kinky mood? One that’s got a choker, a ball gag, and cool-looking chains attached to it, of course. And that’s what you’ll get when you purchase this fine quality Open-Mouthed Gag and Choker With Nipple Clamps.

We get it, you love mixing pain with pleasure, and you enjoy the act of giving as much as you adore being the one to receive both. That’s why we’re bringing you this extraordinary sex toy, meant to deliver both while making the wearer look freaking hot too! This one-of-a-kind BDSM accessory will bring back the spark to your waning sex life, make the submissive in your life scream in utter pleasure while giving you the visual stimulation that you crave.

Enjoy the sight of your BDSM partner as he or she wears this steamy accessory. It comes in five different color options for the choker and ball gag – black and red, all red, all black, all purple, and all pink. The chain is silver and made of hypoallergenic metal – easy to clean and durable. The ball gag is about 1.77” in diameter and is perforated with holes for easy breathing while the choker can be adjusted for comfort and safety.

Vanilla sex is lovely, but when you’re looking for something extra to celebrate a special occasion, then this Open-Mouthed Gag and Choker With Nipple Clamps could be just the thing for you. It’s easy enough to use and could be the key that will unlock a whole new world of intensely kinky sexual encounters for both you and your partner. And it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

So go ahead and grab this set now. We guarantee discreet and hassle-free shipping for all orders.


Collar: Black, Red, Pink

Ball Gag: Red, Purple, Pink, Black

Clamps: Silver


Collar: Leather

Ball Gag: Plastic

Clamps: Metal

Type Choker with Nipple Clamps
Dimension (inches)
Length: N/A
Width: Ball Gag: 1.77 in.
Weight: N/A