Nail-Themed Silicone Penis Plug
Nail-Themed Silicone Penis Plug
Nail-Themed Silicone Penis Plug
Nail-Themed Silicone Penis Plug

Are you a urethral enthusiast? Do you find cock stuffing exhilarating and orgasmic? If so, then take a closer look at our Nail-Themed Silicone Penis Plug and get ready to be nailed!

Penis plugs are known to bring increased sensations in the urethra, intended to help you achieve a climax that you've never had before. If you've been using penis plugs for a while, at some point, you'd want to try something more challenging to upgrade the level of stimulation you get from these sex toys.

This Nail-Themed Silicone Penis Plug is specially made for avid users of penis plugs. Made of soft silicone, this will fit comfortably inside while giving you that deep stimulation. The material is very safe for use and will not cause any irritation. Depending on how expanded your urethra is, you can choose between large or small. Both sizes are 6.02 inches long. The small flat-type has a diameter of 0.31 inch with a stopper that is 0.63 wide, while the large flat-type plug has a diameter 0.59 inch, and its handle width is 0.79 inch.

For safety purposes, always use a generous amount of lubricant prior to insertion. The more slippery, the better since the penis doesn't self-lubricate. Make sure that you are relaxed before inserting the plug. Once the plug is inside, and the penis is erect, gently touch the penis' tip for a heightened level of sensation. You'll be blown away by the experience as it is very exhilarating and enjoyable; the orgasm will feel very intense, giving you an explosive ending.

Just make sure to pull out the plug before it happens. As always, clean your toy after use and store it in a safe place.

Nail urethral exploration and add the Nail-Themed Silicone Penis Plug to your cart now!

Color Black
Material Silicone
Type Silicone Penis Plug
Dimension (inches)
Length: 6.02 inches
Width: Plug: Small flat-type: 0.31 inch Large flat-type: 0.59 inch Handle: Small flat-type: 0.63 inch Large flat-type: 0.79 inch 


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Nail-Themed Silicone Penis Plug

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