Meaty Satisfaction Dick Extension
Meaty Satisfaction Dick Extension
Meaty Satisfaction Dick Extension
Meaty Satisfaction Dick Extension
Meaty Satisfaction Dick Extension

When The Rolling Stones sang about getting no satisfaction even though they tried and tried, we can only shake our heads in pity. Why become another sob story when you can have the Meaty Satisfaction Dick Extension?

This pleasure device is perfect for those who want more fun without invasive surgeries and dangerous enlargement pills. Cock sleeves are instant solutions to your problems in bed. This product has the length and girth you’ve been longing for, along with details of an actual penis. The skin-like feel of the silicone material makes the whole experience very realistic. It has a slightly tapered head and veiny shaft for an erotic texture while gently massaging your partner’s vaginal wall. G-spot stimulation requires minimum effort, all thanks to the added length and girth of this tool. She gets to enjoy multiple orgasms while you marvel at your erect dick. There’s a ball strap connected to the sleeve where you wrap around your testicles to prevent spontaneous ejaculation.

Complete the magic with a water-based lube of your choice for easy insertion. You might think this sleeve is super tight, but it’s actually not that hard to put on. First, apply some lube on your bare penis while you roll up this device, the wrong side out. Place the tip of the sleeve onto the head of your cock. Then, carefully flip the rest of the shaft to fit you. Insert your testicles in the ball strap, spread some more lube, and you’re good to go!

After the fiery sex is through, it might be a bummer to clean your toy immediately. But you have to do it to maintain its tip-top shape. Don’t worry; cleaning this device is not rocket science. You can submerge it in warm soapy water, give it a gentle scrub, and rinse it well. Pat it dry before keeping it in your storage to avoid molds from infesting it.

Beef-up with the Meaty Satisfaction Vibrating Penis Extension. Buy one now!

Color/Type Black
Material Silicone
Dimension Length:
Small: 4.92 inches (125mm)
Medium: 4.92 inches (125mm)
Large: 5.91 inches (150mm)
Small: 1.18 inches (30mm)
Medium: 1.38 inches (35mm)
Large: 1.65 inches (42mm)


Meaty Satisfaction Dick Extension

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