Luminous Flirting Nipple Clamps for Couples
Luminous Flirting Nipple Clamps for Couples
Luminous Flirting Nipple Clamps for Couples

Do you need an accessory that will make you look sexier in your birthday suit? You're in luck! The Luminous Flirting Nipple Clamps for Couples are perfect for making you look irresistible and ravishing!

These are fully adjustable clamps perfect for all sizes of nips. And if you're a newbie, these are great starters for nipple play.

Look at its exquisite design. It has ropes that will glow in the dark, making your breast shine in his eyes. Let your partner play with the clamps to tease or torture your teats. He can simply do this by sliding up the dainty looking skull to tighten the grip. And when it's too much, tell him to loosen it a bit.

To make it look prettier, we've attached a bell on each end of the rope not only to add a touch of classy look but also to make musical chimes while you're at play. These bells are made of non-corrosive stainless steel and come in a shiny finish of gold, purple, or silver. Choose whatever piques your fancy.

This pair is not only useful in the bedroom. You can also go out on a date wearing them underneath your clothes. After a few glasses of wine, you'll surely hang out in his car for a while. You've got him curious about the bell ringing, and you can't stop him from undressing you. You see, you can successfully seduce your date or partner when you have these on your nips.

Why hide your breasts when you can flaunt them? Flirt with your guy with finesse, and you can do this with these luminous nipple clamps. Although these look feminine, you can apply them on his tits as well to give him a taste of sweet sensations. Feel the magical tingles once they're taken off.

With these rope clamps, you'll feel good and look great! Buy now!

Color Gold, Purple, Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Luminous Rope
Dimension Length: 4.33 inches
Width/Diameter: N/A


Luminous Flirting Nipple Clamps for Couples

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