Herculean Armor Silicone Penis Sleeve
Herculean Armor Silicone Penis Sleeve
Herculean Armor Silicone Penis Sleeve
Herculean Armor Silicone Penis Sleeve
Herculean Armor Silicone Penis Sleeve

Hercules, a Roman hero, and god is the epitome of the saying: "A man may be destroyed, but can never be defeated." Now, if you feel like the size of your dick destroys your whole being, get up and let it not defeat you.

It takes enough courage to face the fact that your dick needs a little boost. This manly Herculean Armor Silicone Penis Sleeve will leave you no time to lose.

The breathable vents you can find on the tip and sides will help you experience comfort as you put the sleeve on your shaft. It also has a ring you loop on your balls to prevent the whole thing from slipping off your dick.

This testicles ring can give you so much more than just gripping the entire sheath. It restricts the blood flow in your scrotum and gives you a more major hard-on and with the side bonus of delaying your ejaculation.

When this happens, your cock temporarily grows slightly more prominent, making it more captivating. Adding more to your member's perimeter is the thick surface of the device. It will indeed look like a real cock of a god once you try it on!

Since this device is silicone-based, you can expect it to provide you praiseworthy softness and suppleness like no other. With these two attributes combined, you can rest assured of inserting this toy on your shaft with ease.

Make sure that your dick is still flaccid as you put it on. Grab a water-based lube and apply a little amount of it on your penis. Slide the sleeve to position, then hoop the ring on your balls. Don't fret, for this tool is hypoallergenic and aims to safeguard you against skin-irritations.

Make use of the different structures of the sleeve to provide pleasure to your partner's pussy. The armor-like parts on the base serve as clit and G-spot stimulator while the vents on the shaft give off heaven-sent sensations on her sensitive vaginal walls.

Clean this toy before and after use with a silicone-based toy cleaner you can buy online or the sex toys shop near you. Dry it thoroughly to avoid it from acquiring lousy odor. Store it properly and reuse it whenever, wherever.

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Color Black
Material Silicone
Dimension Length: 4.53 inches (115 mm)
Shaft- 1.18 inches (30 mm)
Base- 4.21 inches (107 mm)


Herculean Armor Silicone Penis Sleeve

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